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About Kim


I have been writing and delivering various courses and workshops for the past 30 years. I have taught regularly in the UK and Europe as well Australia, New Zealand and India. By far the most popular course is Experimental Textiles,

Teaching my students how to develop their own, original, ideas and textile practice is a passion. It is a great privilege to encourage learners, old and new, to flourish and gain in confidence.

With the experience of writing and creating my own courses and workshops over the years,

I have been able to refine my teaching practice – helping students who wish to expand their knowledge of textiles processes, how to use them, and most important of all –

how to play with, and layer up processes and techniques to create their own path and style of work.


Irish Life

My Personal Creative Practice and life in Ireland

I have been experimenting with textile processes most of my life.

I have long been fascinated by the seemingly endless variety of textures and colours to be found in textiles and took up the challenge of experimenting with heat, dyes, fusible webs and stitch to create new textured surfaces and three-dimensional forms. Working with the heavier Vlieseline interfacings is a particular passion of mine.















Since moving to the Loop Head peninsula on west coast of Ireland, I have been developing new textile surfaces incorporating recycled papers and fusible web. I have been able to immerse myself in the stunning land and seascapes along the West Clare coast. The view from my home and studio looking across Fodra and Ross bays and all along the cliffs for miles.

The beautiful sunrises and sunsets are currently informing my work. The light here on the west coast of Ireland is quite remarkable. This and the gentler pace of life in rural Ireland has had a very positive effect on my work. I can watch the changing seasons and their effect on the flora and fauna. The local geology, rock pools and seaweed all inspire my new work, which is now quite abstract, focusing on texture or colour.
Colour and composition has always been very important in mine (and my students') work.

The simpler the work, the more important these basic elements become.

My current work is sold in the local gallery


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