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Online Lectures

I offer 3 online lectures; I can also write a specific lecture for your group.
Having been an Adult Education Tutor for 30 odd years (how can that be?)

I can talk about more or less anything in the textile and design field.

Do contact me for more information on any of my lectures or if you would

like me to write a specific lecture for you.


I am very happy to answer questions during or after the lecture  “We've received lots of compliments

on your talk and you've really got people thinking which is great.”

Chris, Aylesbury Vale Stitchers

Learning Through Play

Kim Thittichai

I am well known for teaching experimental textile processes.

‘Learning Through Play’ and ‘Designing Through Process’ are the main principles of
my teaching. Discover how I help students build their confidence and develop their

own style.

The Journey To Design

Kim Thittichai

What started as a design exercise for my original Experimental Textiles course to help
my students create original designs, has grown to become one of the pillars of my

teaching. I have taught this basic exercise hundreds of times, all over the world, and
the results are always different. Discover how I teach this basic exercise and see

some of the work that has been inspired by it.

Textile Travels

Kim Thittichai

Textile Travels lecture.jpg

I have been travelling to Australia, New Zealand, India and Europe to teach and
lecture about the way I teach basic textile processes for many years. From Fibre
Forums to Quilt Symposiums and Textile Tours. Let me share the wonderful
architectural, colours, textures and design inspiration from my travels

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