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The Experimental Texiles
Foundation Workshops

  • These 4 workshops have always been my most popular and formed  the foundation of my teaching over the years.

  • These are available individually, as well as part of the full video library.

Bonkers About Bondaweb - 9 videos


Work with Kim through the basics of all the creative applications for painted and unpainted Bondaweb. This will include applique and foiling for T shirts, decorating book covers and creating beautiful surfaces on which to stitch, using all manner of sparkle and/or natural elements. We will also look at how to decorate hard surfaces with this exciting product. Bondaweb is also known as Vliesofix and Wonder Under 829.

*You will need an iron for this workshop*

Now You See It . . ! - 8 videos

now you see it 4.jpeg
Now you see it 1.jpeg
now you see it 3.jpeg
Now you see it 2.jpg


Discover all the possibilities of working with water soluble fabric using hand and machine stitch. Make beautiful lacy bowls, new fabrics, stitched pictures, even jewellery. Learn how to dissolve water soluble fabric, how much do you leave in? Make separate stitched elements to add to other projects. There is so much you can do with this versatile product.


*You will need a sewing machine for this workshop*

A New Starting Point - 8 videos

a new starting 4.jpeg
a new starting 2.jpeg
A new starting 1.jpeg
a new starting 3.jpeg


Discover and develop the redemptive qualities of old newspapers, maps, music and books. Create fascinating surfaces on which to print and stitch. Using painted and unpainted Bondaweb/Vliesofix/Wonderunder 805 and all manner of sparkle, we will explore the possibilities of layering textures. Will you tear or will you cut?

*You will need an iron for this workshop*

Tinkering with Tyvek - 8 videos

Tinkering with Tyvek 4.jpg
Tinkering with Tyvek 3.jpg
Tinkering with Tyvek 2.jpg
Tinkering with Tyvek 1.jpeg


Enjoy learning how paint, stitch and incorporate polyester organza with this wonderful medium, then heat it with various tools to create fascinating textures, bowls, vessels or sculptural forms.

Kim will take you step by step and show you how to use your iron and heat gun to create exciting layered textures. Discover how the different weights of Tyvek react to heat. Create structures from your layered and stitched samples. Make a box, beads and a corsage. Did you know you can decorate your Tyvek with transfer foil?

*You will need a sewing machine, iron and a heat gun for the workshop. No aerosols or oil-based paints can be used on this workshop*

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