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A brand NEW website - it's so exciting.

The NEW teaching website is up and running - Hurrah! You can now enrol on Experimental Textiles 1. Places are limited to 15. I will be working directly with the students

Beautiful print on an old map.
A rather wonderful print onto a map. The printing block was made with a design created from The Journey design exercise

It is very exciting to be able to offer Experimental Textiles 1 as an online course. The course consists of monthly videos, group Zoom chats and monthly 1 - 1 Zoom tutorials with me. There is also a private group on my website where the students can chat and post images.

Students will also have 2 years free membership to the Experimental Textiles Video Library which will launch at the end of October.

The course will cover design, creating printing blocks from your designs using colour, drawing, collage, constructed textiles and dyeing natural and synthetic fabrics. There will also be time for students on the course to develop a finished piece of work.

Students will be able to work in the comfort of their own home/studio, in their own time. This means that you can live anywhere in the world and take part in the course.

Black and white design exercise.
The Journey exercise is a great way to work in black and white to generate original designs.

The course begins with The Journey and other black and white exercises. It is important to work in black and white when you are designing as colour can be very distracting. Colour can be added later.

If you enjoy reading blog posts - you might like to see previous blog posts on my Blogger site. There is a search engine on the top right of the page. Just put in anything you are interested in. such as Tyvek, printing, Lutradur . . .

I now have page on the website showing my work in Kilbaha Gallery. The gallery handle and ship all my large canvases.

Did you know there is a special Experimental Textiles group on Facebook? You may like to join, have a look here -


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